I love you, mom :)

Today, a friend of mine has lost her mom. Of course, she cried.

I lost my mom 6 years ago, too 🙂

Mothers-Day-I-Love-You-Mom-Wallpaper-HDOn our ways of life, we sometimes forget our dearest feeling towards our mothers.

I still remember when she took me on her old bikes, and we went to school.

I still remember when she held me in her arms, gave me comfort for not gaining good results on school.

I still remember when she fell sick, became weaker by days but still fix me on my studies. “You don’t have to pay too much attention to me. I’m fine. Just focus on your studies.”

Yes,…”I’m fine”.


Even when you’re gone, I’m fine, mom, because I still have you in my heart 🙂


Dear my beloved mother.




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