What to do… when life gets you down?

Sometimes, life is cruel.

Hey, I have tried so much, but it didn’t turn out as I wanted. Am I wrong? Or just I weren’t lucky? Or I didn’t try hard enough?


Just remember these things, and you will be fine:

There’ll always be a chance

If you give up, then that’s it. Tomorrow will always come, just don’t let yesterday render it gray.

It’s only a problem when you think it’s a problem

Yes, it really is. Don’t make it sound like you fail. Just think of it as a learning opportunity.

Learning by mistake is the best way to learn and you will definitely do it better next time, if you try once more time.

Don’t be afraid to try one more time

Don’t settle it. Try it. Do it. And learn from it.

Don’t worry about what other people think

People often judge someone when they fails, but they forget that they will fail, too. Nobody’s perfect, and that’s how we are.

When a good man makes a mistake, it doesn’t make him a bad guy, it makes him human.

There’s someone supporting you

Your family, your love, your best friends. They won’t leave you, as long as you don’t think it’s end.

Yes, try your best, do it better next time, and don’t let the slip take you down. Life’s what you make it, and don’t hesitate to get over the pain, do it again 🙂


Yup, I will be by your side, as always…

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